NervousSystem programming

Advanced coaching in performance under pressure and personal development

My name is Aske Rask I am the founder of NSP training.   

NSP training is a practical form of training inspired by the russian martial art Systema. NSP training teaches people how to use tools to regulate the nervous system like breathing, moving, visualization, mindfulness under pressure.    

Is NSP training for me? 

NSP training is NOT therapy, all thou it can have a therapeutic effect as the training has a physical, mental and psychological level. As most people can benefit from the training, the usual practitioners are people with 3 challenges: 

  • Performance: TradersLeaders/CEO’sAthletesentrepreneurs 
  • Common stress and related sickness like physical injuries: Nurses, police, military, teachers 
  • Unbalanced nervous system: PTSD, Anxiety, stress, ADHD and mental illness  

What happens in the training? 

This is the most common question and it is hard to answer without giving a lecture on the nervous system and what stress is (You can read more about the nervous system on this web site). In general thou; the training is divided in to 4 aspects, meaning 4 different kind of tools regulating each of the 4 parts of the nervous system (Central, Motoric, Sensory and Autonomic nervous system). These 4 kind of tools are then trained under a steady increase in pressure depending on how much the individual can handle, as there are mayor difference from elite athletes and CEO’s to people with stress, dealing with physical injuries or a soldier with PTSD. 

What do I mean with pressure?

(Again it is important to understand the nervous system, especially the sympathetic nervous system and triggers)

Pressure is always relative, meaning that for some people it is enough just closing the eyes for other people it can be hard physical exercises, the most important is that we start very slowly and then gradually increasing the pressure depending on how the individual respond to the training.  

Usually the training and the specific kind of pressure is focused on different kind of exercise that are mend to integrate the physical understanding of the nervous system and how we move relates to our mind, senses and the survival response (integration of the motoric, sensory, central and autonomic nervous system). 

The typical “types” of pressure/activities: 

  • Martial art: As the system is developed from Systema I us a lot of martial art inspired exercises and for some people it is the only thing we do. As it is both a lot of fun and very effective in teaching the 4 kinds of tools. 
  • Strength and cardio training: I Am a personal trainer based in Seier Fitness Århus, where working with weights and getting people stronger is a big part of my day. In this pursuit of health, getting stronger, losing weight, avoid or dealing with injuries the understanding and work with all the 4 levels of the nervous system, gives the training many more layers making it way more effective and the possibility for the individual to get a lot more out of the training. 
  • Mental coaching: I do a lot of coaching on how to improve any aspect of life using the tools like: In meetings or dealing with co-workers at work. At home with children and the spouse. In competition as an athlete. Extreme circumstances like survival and high levels of pressure. 

To learn more about NSP training and the nervous system you can take a look at the “The nervous system” or “The story of NSP training” page. 

If you have any other questions about the training and wether it is for you please feel free to contact me at: