About Aske Rask

My name is Aske Rask

I am a personal trainer and have developed NSP training

NSP training is my “Love child” and is a combination of science, physical training and personal development, basically every thing I done in my life:

  • +10 years with martial arts, especially Systema which has a heavy influence on NSP training
  • Bachelor in Molecular Biology
  • Self-employed Career and Life Coach
  • Mentor for struggling adults
  • Personal Trainer (From Fitness Institute)
  • And more

The people I help have a wide variety of backgrounds from the CEO, elite athlete, your average fitness goer, military, police, teacher, trader and more. My oldest is 77 and youngest are 17 years old, and what they all have in common is the nervous system.

Working with the nervous system I am amazed of the things that happens in all parts of my clients life’s and it still feels like there are so much to discover. 

The typical issues I work with is:

  • High performance
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Long term weight loss
  • Fear, PTSD, ADHD
  • Big lifestyle changes
  • Parenting

The system is simple and easy to use, with effect on so many different levels.

That is what driving me every day…